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 CID Gators (Minions)

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MessageSujet: CID Gators (Minions)   CID Gators (Minions) Icon_minitimeJeu 28 Sep 2017 - 8:42

New Models

Barnabas, Lord of Blood: Barnabas should be personally impactful in his play style. He should support his army with Bone Shakers, while being survivable enough to play on the front line contributing to the fight. His core concepts include corpse collection and recurring his bone minions.

-Things to test: Is Barnabus too durable, just right, or not durable enough? Does he accomplish his goals of personal contribution? Do you feel this caster does something unique and interesting?

Dracodile: The Dracodile should be a melee powerhouse. With four initials at a solid POW the Dracodile should have no problem destroying enemy heavies. The Animus “Flood Waters” should help the army survive while also providing a minor survivability increase for itself. The Dracodile’s spray causes Blind and should be a way to support its own melee capabilities or enable other plans of action for the surrounding models.

-Things to test: Does the Dracodile’s melee output feel sufficient? Is the spray relevant and compelling? How do you feel about Flood Waters?

Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron: A support piece that generates corpses for its army. Should synergize well with its surrounding units by either giving corpses or using Puppet Master. Spectral Lash provides utility and a limited amount of offense. This model should be slow and difficult to position.

-Things to Test: Does this unit feel impactful? Do you feel like you are gaining enough benefit for using its action to generate corpses each turn? Is its point cost justified?

Croak Trappers: A support unit that brings utility at a small point investment. Their throwing nets knock down their targets.

-Things to test: When you have just a few points left, do you see yourself reaching for the Trappers? Do you feel their abilities make them worth their points?

Bone Shrine: This model should be low point cost and generate additional fury for its Warlock with a possible downside. Added benefit of Arcing spells from this model should make it flexible and enticing.

-Things to test: Do you feel the drawbacks of the Bone Shrine are sufficient? How about its benefits? Is the additional Fury too powerful on certain casters?

Gatorman Husk: A shambling mass of insects stuck inside of a reanimated Gatorman. It punishes the enemy for attacking it. This is a disruption piece that should punish your opponent for attempting to remove it.

-Things to test: Is a group of Husk’s ambushing with Trawlers too strong? Are the Husks threatening enough that your opponent must deal with them after they ambush, or can they be ignored? How do you feel about their impact on your games in both the Ambush role or the Advance Deployment role?

Gatorman Soul Slave: A Warcaster support model that can help with fury-strapped casters or help spread spells around. Spell Slave and Arcane Assist are important to this models design.

-Things to test: Is the Soul Slave a compelling choice for the Blindwater Warlocks? Are his defensive stats too good, or do they feel right for the model?

Kwaak Slickspine & Gub: A utility solo that has many options available to it. Between Enliven and Heal, this model can help keep your warbeasts alive and fighting. While Mud Foot brings a solid amount of control, it’s drawback is a short range. Venom provides an anti-infantry option. Kwaak and Gub should be versatile and powerful spell casters.

-Things to test: Do you feel Kwaak and Gub are costed appropriately?

Longchops: A gator with a gun, Longchops should threaten soft to medium targets with his ranged attacks and remain mobile while he picks away at his enemies. His trap is a core element to the model and should remain a key reason to take him in a list.

-Things to test: Does Longchops do enough for his point cost? If so, do you feel his trap is a large portion of this? If not, where do you find it falls short?

Void Leech: The Void Leech is a cheap unit attachment meant to bring a little utility to the units it’s attached to. Anti-magic abilities are key to the Void Leech’s design.

-Things to test: When you’re down to a few points, do you find value in the Void Leech? Do you think this model will be a viable option inside the faction? If not, where do you think it falls short?

Legacy Models

Bloody Barnabas: Barnabas 1 is a versatile warlock with a strong assassination game. His feat, similar to Kreoss 1’s feat, can set up a ranged assassination on enemy caster very early in the game. With his Swamp Pit spell, Barnabas can completely prevent a Dracodile from being targeted with ranged attacks!

Jaga-Jaga, the Death Charmer: Jaga-Jaga is the “voodoo priestess” of the Blindwater. Unlike Calaban, who is a more direct spell slinger, Jaga manipulates the spirits around her and weaponizes them. She has received some noticeable changes in this CID, including replacing Spellpiercer with Signs & Portents, and getting a new feat that is the equivalent of multiple Sacrificial Strikes at once.

Maelok the Dreadbound: The sinister Maelok brings the power of undeath to the battlefield, capable of making not only his warbeasts, but the soldiers he commands into the undead. Maelok is a heavy attrition caster, who can efficiently increase the ARM of his forces, return fallen soldiers to the battlefield, and when the time is right, use his feat to strike deep into the heart of the enemy army.

Rask: The only non-gatorman warlock in Blindwater, Rask is a control caster through and through. His feat, spells, and powerful trident cannon all allow him to fight on his own terms, while the Fury spell ensures that once the fight begins his force can get the job done quickly.

Calaban, The Grave Walker: The premiere spell-slinger in Blindwater, Calaban provides powerful buffs to his own forces while unleashing arcane hell upon his enemies.

Blackhide Wrastler: One of the heavy lifting warbeasts in the Blindwater Congregation, the Wrastler and its Animus “Rage”, should be a compelling choice in Warbeast centric Blindwater Congregation lists.

Blind Walker: The budget utility heavy of the Blind Walker Congregation. The Blind Walker should be a solid combat beast for its low point cost and bring special rules like its Animus and Shield Guard to help support its controlling warlock and army.

Boneswarm: A combat light. Without corpses it should not be much of a threat, but once filled up should pose a threat much higher than its point value. We expect the Bone Swarm to pair quite well with the Boil Master.

Bull Snapper: Basic light warbeast of the Blindwater Congregation. Should remain cheap utility beast that provides Spiny Growth to its caster. In combat, it should remain furry efficient with Torpid.

Ironback Spitter: The Ironback Spitter is the primary ranged beast of the Blindwater Congregation. The defensive benefits of it’s shell should be core to it’s design.

Swamp Horror: A unique Warbeast, the Swamp Horror should have a high volume of attacks at a lower POW. It should take buffs very well because of the large number of initials. With Chain Strike the Swamp Horror should fill a unique roll in the Minions faction.

Bog Trog Ambushers: A melee unit with Ambush. Ambushers should threaten the enemy back line.

Croak Raiders: An advance deploy skirmishing unit. The Croak Raiders should threaten infantry and light to medium armor with their ranged attacks. These models have a very strong ranged output and should be tested with the changes to Jaga-Jaga.

Gatorman Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers: The fodder unit of the Blindwater Congregation. Collecting corpses and recurring Shamblers are all key aspects of this unit. They are excellent with Jaga-Jaga’s new feat and should be explored with this in mind. Please also focus on testing interactions with Boil Masters adding corpses to the unit.

Gatorman Posse: A combat unit that forms the back bone of the Blindwater Congregation, gaining many benefits from the theme force.

Bog Trog Mist Speaker: A support piece that brings options to the Minions faction in the form of magical weapons, eyeless sight, and cloud effects.

Croak Hunter: One of the more elite Croaks, the Hunter should harass enemy units and solos and hold down flags and other areas of the board.

Gatorman Witch Doctor: The Gatorman Witch Doctor is a support piece who helps his fellow minions out in battle. Themed around undead and voodoo, the Witch Doctor had a few changes to make him a more consistent choice inside the Minions faction.

Thrullg: The Thrullg is an anti-magic being who lives only to devour anything arcane around itself. The addition of Prowl and Pathfinder should provide survivability so it can make it to it’s target.



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